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Neuropathy services offered in Converse and Devine, TX

Neuropathy is a condition that often affects your extremities and can cause problems with sensation and feeling in your feet. If you have neuropathy, Jose F. Hilario, DPM, PA, has the answers to all of your questions about the condition. Along with his team, Dr. Hilario provides evidence-based and compassionate care at his Converse, Texas office, serving the communities of Converse, Live Oak, Schertz, and San Antonio, Texas. Call the office today or book an appointment using the website to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hilario.

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Neuropathy Q & A

What is neuropathy?

Neuropathy refers to a condition that occurs when the nerves in your peripheral nervous system become damaged. The peripheral nerves travel to both your arms, hands, legs and feet.

The damage to the nerves in neuropathy causes improper nerve functioning. This can lead to numerous issues, including nerve pain, neuromas, and decreased feeling in the legs and feet.

What causes neuropathy?

The most common and frequent cause of neuropathy is diabetes. This condition is characterized by higher-than-normal blood glucose levels, which damage your body's nerves over time. However, there are other causes of neuropathy, some of which include:

  • Trauma
  • Genetics or Heredity
  • Arthritis
  • Some medications
  • Neurological disorders

Alcoholism and advanced age can also play a role in your chances of developing neuropathy. While it isn’t always preventable, you can slow diabetic neuropathy by maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

Are there common symptoms?

The symptoms of neuropathy vary, depending on the nerves affected by the disease and the severity of the condition. However, there are common signs and symptoms, some of which include:

  • Tingling or numbness in your feet
  • Sharp or stabbing pain 
  • Inability to feel temperature changes
  • Burning pain in the feet
  • Muscle cramps or spasms

The changes in sensation may lead to other problems, such as foot ulcers or neuromas. You may also notice the pain is very intense because of the damage to the nerves. Nerve pain is a common symptom of neuropathy and can lead to disability in many cases.

What’s a neuroma?

A neuroma is a type of benign nerve growth located between your third and fourth toes. It’s sometimes called a “pinched nerve,” but it is a ball of nerve tissue that grows abnormally.

A neuroma can be present when you have neuropathy but can also be caused by trauma or wearing tight-fitting shoes. The neuroma can be very painful and cause problems walking or wearing shoes in general.

The symptoms of a neuroma are similar to those of neuropathy. Typically,  there is usually pain between the toes, along with tingling and numbness in your foot. If you’re suffering from any type of nerve pain, Dr. Hilario offers treatments like custom orthotics and medication to ease your symptoms.

To learn more about treating your nerve pain, call the office in Converse, Texas, today or book an appointment on the website.