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Hammer toes can lead to severe discomfort, especially when you’re wearing shoes. Luckily, Jose F. Hilario, DPM, PA, located in Converse, Live Oak, Schertz, and San Antonio, Texas, provides expert conservative care when you’re suffering from a condition such as a hammer toe. Dr. Hilario and his team take a compassionate and evidence-based approach when it comes to getting you the treatment you need to get back on your feet. Call the office today or book a consultation using the website to schedule an appointment.

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Hammer Toes Q & A

What are hammer toes?

Hammer toes are a type of deformity that often affects your second through fifth toes, known as lesser digits. The malformation is caused by what’s known as a contracture.

A contracture causes the affected toe to bend at the first joint in your toe, the proximal interphalangeal joint. The contracture causes the toe to bend abnormally, appearing as an inverted “V” when visualized from the side.

There are generally two main forms of hammer toes: flexible and rigid. The flexible forms are easier to treat, as they’re not fully developed yet. However, the rigid variety is more problematic and requires corrective surgery in most cases.

The main cause of a hammer toe is a muscle imbalance in your toes. This causes excess pressure on your tendons, which eventually causes them to buckle and bend.

Are there any symptoms?

The symptoms of a hammer toe can vary, depending on how long you’ve had it and what toe is affected. Typically, you’ll notice an abnormal bend in the affected toe. You may have other symptoms as well, which could include:

  • Corns that form on the joint
  • Swelling at the affected joint
  • Redness at the bend in your toe
  • Pain, especially when wearing shoes
  • Restricted movement in the affected toe

If you have a hammer toe, you’ll also notice that you have discomfort around the ball of your foot where the hammer toe is located. This may cause pain with walking and other activities.

Can you cure hammer toes?

While you can't "cure" hammer toes, you can find relief. If you think you have a hammer toe, it’s important to see Dr. Hilario as soon as you notice it. This improves the chances of the condition being treated conservatively and effectively.

Dr. Hilario often takes a conservative approach to most foot conditions, including hammer toes. This may include different therapies, including:

  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Padding of the affected toe
  • Educating about proper footwear
  • Application of ice to reduce swelling

Dr. Hilario also offers custom orthotics, named the Best Foot Insole in 2017. These orthotics can help relieve the pressure on your foot and prevent pain in the affected toes.

In some cases, especially with rigid hammer toes, surgery may be necessary when conservative measures fail to provide sufficient relief. 

To get expert care for your hammer toes, call the office in Converse, Texas, today, or book an appointment on the website.